ASWA 15th International meeting

Venue, Access, Accommodations, & Tourist attractions


Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties - TOBUNKEN, Tokyo, Japan


Access to TOBUNKEN (Official information)

There are two international airports in Tokyo

  1. Narita Airport located north of Tokyo
  2. Haneda Airport (Limited number of airlines use this smaller airport, but easier access from downtown Tokyo)


Please make a booking by yourself. Various hotels with good access to TOBUNKEN are available near Ueno, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, and Tokyo train stations.
We strongly recommend that you book early, since the meeting is held during Tokyo's school trip and sightseeing season. Although unlikely, there is still a possibility that the meeting must be cancelled due to COVID resurgence. We also recommend that you book a hotel with minimum cancellation fees. In most Japanese hotels, the cancellation fee will not be charged until the last few days.
There is an option to stay at the dormitory in the University of Tokyo. The location is 1.8 km southwest from the venue, and it takes about 25 minutes by foot. We have two choices: single (5,000 yen per day) and twin-bedded (8,000 yen per day). Please contact us in advance if you wish to stay.
Ueno station has good access to both Tobunken and Narita Airport.
Below are some recommended hotels around Ueno station. All are within walking distance from Tobunken (about 15 min.). A walk through Ueno Park to Tobunken is very refreshing!
Mitsui Garden Hotel Ueno (bit classy)
No.242 APA Hotel Keiseiueno-Ekimae (reasonable)
Hotel Emit Ueno (reasonable) 
If you are looking for a less expensive place, there are some hostels around Yanaka area such as this one.
Yanaka is about 20 minutes walking distance (1.8km) from Tobunken.
Sakura Hotel

Tourist attractions

The venue is very close to some of Tokyo's most famous tourist attractions.
Below are all within 30 minutes distance by train, bus, or walking.
Asakusa is a historic town with traditional temples and shrines.
Yanaka  is a good place to walk and shop in a old downtown atomosphere. 
Akihabara is famous for shopping electronics and also as home to "Otaku" culutures. 
Ginza is the place if you are looking for a more luxurious or high-end shops. 

Below are some links to toruist brochures for Tokyo.
Enjoy your stay!

Around Ueno

Tokyo Travel Guide
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Travel guide for Muslims

Restaurant Guide for Vegan and Vegetarian

Map of the Ueno area

UENO – Find brochures for travel Tokyo – TOKYO Brochures

Ueno Park Guide Map

Map of Ueno for Muslims


E-money card for transportation and shopping

An e-money card (Welcome Suica issued by JR East = East Japan Railway Company) is convenient for moving around and shopping in Japan.
See JR East website for details.
It can be used for trains, subways, buses, and shopping in station kiosks and some stores. 
It can be purchased at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, and major JR stations.
Be aware that although purchasing is possible with credit cards at JR East Travel Service Centers, only cash can be used for vending machine and to recharge.
We advise that you exchange your currency to Japanese Yen at the airport, since currency exchange shops are rare in cities. 
You can also withdraw cash using credit cards from ATMs in convenience stores which is easy to find in most places.
E-money card vending machine at Haneda Airport E-money card vending machine at Haneda Airport
E-money (Welcome Suica) vending machine at Haned airport

SIM cards

SIM cards can be purchased from vending machines at airports, but some machines only accept cash.

SIM card vending machine at Haneda Airport (Keikyu railway station entrance)